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Roofer offers modern high-tech building insulation for roofs and facades.

Двостороння стрічка на ПП основі Roofer

Double sided tape on Roofer PP based

Double-sided tape on Roofer-based PP is a polypropylene tape with double-sided HOT MELT adhesive that serves to seal the overlap of Roofer vapor barrier membranes. Installation work is allowed at a temperature of 0 ° to 40 ° C
Size: 20mm x 170μm x 50m
Tape for: sizing of overlapping of vapor barrier membranes
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Стрічка бутилкаучукова Roofer K2

Tape Butyl Rubber Roofer K2

Butyl rubber tape Roofer K2, a strip of butyl rubber applied to a paper protective tape that serves to secure the vapor barrier membranes to the adjacent, ie to the rafters and adjacent to the roof walls, can also be used for sealing the roof of the vapor barrier membranes.
Size: 15mm x 1mm x 50m
Tape for: Attaching membranes to adjacent locations
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Алюмінієва стрічка Roofer

Aluminum Tape Roofer

Roofer Aluminum Tape is a one-sided adhesive aluminum tape that serves to seal the overlap of metallic Roofer vapor barrier membranes. It can be used for the construction of saunas, baths and the like. Installation work is permitted at a temperature of 0 ° to + 40 ° C.
Size: 48mm x 25m
Tape for: sizing of overlap of metallized vapor barrier membrane
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Конькова стрічка Roofer SK

SK180 Ridge Tape Roofer

Roofer SK180 ridge tape is a single-layer wind-dampening membrane with corrugated aluminum stiffened ribs sewn on the edges and a butyl rubber layer applied to them, which is used for sizing the skate of a pitched roof. Installation work is permitted at a temperature of + 5 ° to + 35 ° C.
Size: 180mm x 5m
Tape for: roof ridge ventilation
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Конькова стрічка Roofer SK

SK230 Ridge Tape Roofer

The Roofer SK230 ridge tape is used to protect the subfloor ventilation area from snow, rain and bird penetration. It is a necessary element for the protection of the insulation as it is well-breathable, allowing the insulation to breathe and not passing water.
Size: 230mm x 5m
Tape for: roof ridge ventilation
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Construction membranes

We also offer our Roofer membranes for your reference. Always only new and better!

Waterproofing membranes

H80/70, H80/35, L55/70, L55/35
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Steam insulation membranes

ALUMINIUM 100, P80/70, P80/35, L55/70, L55/35
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Windproof membranes

W90, W70
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Roofer Construction Membranes
there are a number of unique properties

new generation insulation materials for wind, hydro, steam insulation of roofs and facades of buildings.



Provide reliable heat-, wind-, hydro-, steam insulation for a long period of time.


Low operating costs compared to traditional materials.


Do not react with acids, does not release harmful substances when heated.

Biological stability

Not prone to destructive action of mold and bacteria, odorless.


It has no harmful effect and does not require extra caution during montage.

Easy to montage

Roofer construction membranes are simple enough to install, providing quick montage.

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